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With so many websites on the internet, how do you make sure that your website gets found? When you type your company name into the search engines, do you always come up top? If you don't, then who does?

With an overcrowded world wide web, the search engines have to be able to order the results in a particular way to maintain consistency, reward effort and provide the correct results to the searcher. It is now estimated that more than 80% of all UK Search Engine searches are done using Google, and so understanding how Google works can help you to improve your positions and help people to find you more easily. Ranking well on Google is big business, and for some companies being at the top of Google can transform their business, literally overnight.

How Google works

Google's success is based around the surfer. Google makes $billions in advertising revenue each year, and thanks to our ever growing appetite for the internet this figure continues to grow, seemingly regardless of the current economic climate. Google is so successful because its ethos is to provide the surfer with the most appropriate information for the search that has been made, always providing relevant results. The more surfers there are, the more advertisers there will be. But, how does Google decide whose website is more relevant than another?

Google has a very complicated program that rates a website based on its own relevancy to the subject, its evolving content, its history and the number of positive votes it gets from other websites. To break this down, a website looking to get ahead on google must have appropriate content to the word that the owner wants it to be found for. Overusing the words however is classed as spamming, and google may penalise a website as a result. Keeping your websites content updated is very important, and this helps with your website history too. Each time Google visits your website it takes a copy, and so regularly updating the website will not go unnoticed and the longer you have had the website also helps you to build up Google trust, related to the websites history.

Getting a positive vote from another website what does this mean? Google recognises a link from one website to another as a vote of confidence, understanding that if a website is prepared to send a visitor to another website directly, then this is a positive thing and the more of these you can get, the better.

These votes of confidence are the single biggest factor in improving your google rankings and in the next column I will tell you some quick and easy ways to get more votes for your website, and the things to avoid to maximise your google rise!

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