TV coverage confirmed for all local NCL clubs

TV coverage confirmed for all local NCL clubs

DEWSBURY MOOR and Shaw Cross Sharks have both had games selected for live coverage on FreeSports, in association with RugbyAM.

The initial batch of live fixtures were released a few weeks ago, with Thornhill Trojans and Dewsbury Celtic both chosen for live coverage. 

Now Dewsbury Moor’s away clash against Wigan St Judes will be shown live on September 1.

And Shaw Cross’s final game of the season against Ince Rose Bridge will also be broadcast on Saturday 15. 

It means that all four Heavy Woollen NCL teams will have one game shown on terrestrial television in 2018. 

Shaw Cross Sharks chairman Brett Turner says that he spoke with RugbyAM founder Alex Simmons and persuaded him to put the Sharks on TV. 

“I know Alex pretty well, I have known him for years and years, long before he was doing RugbyAM,” said Turner. 

“I just had a bit of a whinge to him basically, initially we were the only team in Division One not selected and it didn’t sit well with me. 

“So we managed to whinge our way onto the telly, but it’s good. I think it is brilliant what they are doing for the amateur game. 

“Obviously Super League is the only coverage you’ll see on telly barring Toronto on Premier Sports. 

“I think it’s great to get amateur lads on TV who are going out to play for fun and some who could play professional rugby but choose not to, they work hard and they deserve it.”

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