Tillotson takes on top job at Sharks

Tillotson takes on top job at Sharks

ANDREW TILLOTSON has been appointed as Shaw Cross Sharks’ head coach for next year’s National Conference League campaign.

Tillotson is currently coaching their winter open age team, which have won all four games in the Pennine League Division Two so far.

He will now keep the role for the summer season as the Sharks prepare to play in NCL Division Three, following back-to-back relegations in the past two years.

Mark Barlow coached the side in 2019 but stepped down at the end of the season to take on an assistant coaching role at Batley Bulldogs. Assistant boss Martin Woodhead will remain next year alongside Tillotson.

Club chairman Brett Turner said: “Tilly and Martin have done a fantastic job so far and it really is encouraging to see them integrating the young lads into open age rugby so seamlessly.

“It was always what we hoped for when we decided to enter the winter league and they really have excelled in the short time they’ve had.

“With this in mind it made perfect sense when they applied for the NCL job to have that continuity and give them the opportunity that they’ve earned with the strong start they’ve made in their coaching careers.

“In Tilly we know that we have a man in charge that really has the club at heart. He’s been with us a long time as a player and the leadership that he showed on the field is really shining through off it.

“It’s an exciting time for us as a club to have a young, enthusiastic coaching team at the helm of a squad that has a very bright future.”

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