Sykes to 'switch' time zones as world title bout nears

WORLDTITLE contender Gary Sykes is about to have his gruelling training regime turned on its head as he prepares to do battle with WBO superfeatherweight champion Adrien Broner in Las Vegas.

From Monday, the 28yearold will adopt America’s west coast time zone in order to avoid major jetlag upon landing there, two weeks from now.

An eighthour time difference exists between the UK and Las Vegas and with Sykes’ bout likely to start at 2am English time, trainer Julian McGowan insists the change will “dramatically increase” Sykes’ chances of success.

“We are going to gradually change things in terms of the times which Gary trains,” said McGowan, who has moved the Dewsbury fighter into his own home in a bid to aid preparations.

“As of Monday, we will be training from 10pm and then every other session after that will start around half an hour later.

“By the end of the week, Gary will be training way beyond midnight and everything will be different.

“It will prove to be very beneficial as we know, in terms of English time, that he won’t be fighting until the very early hours.

“We intend to arrive in Vegas on Saturday May 12, meaning this is the ideal time to make the switch over.”

Sykes’ move into McGowan’s family home is a regular occurrence prior to fights as training steps up a level and distractions are brushed aside.

The former British champion, who is currently training for around six hours a day, has little time to visit loved ones but such frustrations could give Sykes the edge on May 19.

“Living with Julian takes away a whole host of distractions,” Sykes added.

“I’m not able to see much of my daughter or my girlfriend and that’s really hard to deal with. They both understand but it’s making me quite angry.

“However, with this sort of fight ahead and this feeling inside me, it makes me want to win 10 times more.

“Julian is very strict with me and I need that. The plan is that I bring the title home and if I’m going to do that then I have work harder and be more dedicated than ever before.”

Sykes spent Wednesday evening sparring with former British champion and opponent Carl Johanneson and Hullbased undefeated lightweight Tommy Coyle.

There are no Britishbased fighters similar to Broner but McGowan insists Sykes’ current and future sparring partners can and will emulate the American’s impressive assets. 

“We’re now sparring heavier fighters for nine rounds and Gary is holding his own,” claimed McGowan.

“We can’t spar Broner and we know that a similar fighter just does not exist for us to practice with. We have to therefore spar against a range of fighters who, individually, share similar assets.”

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