Rams’ squad is ‘done and dusted’

Rams’ squad is ‘done and dusted’

LEE GREENWOOD believes that the Dewsbury Rams squad is “done and dusted” for 2019 after the announcement of three more players in the past week.

Simon Brown, Alex Brown and Harvey Hallas have all signed deals for the club, taking the squad up to 26 players for next season.

Eight new faces have been announced in the last fortnight alone, and Greenwood says that having been left playing catch-up following his appointment in October, he is now happy with the size of his squad.

He joked: “We haven’t got room in the changing room for any more!”

The coach says that they are “done and dusted”, although he added that they will always be on the lookout” for any other potential additions.

“We’ve got numbers, and when I first got the job we didn’t have numbers,” he said. “It looked like being a really small squad but we’ve got the numbers now.

“There are still a couple of areas that I’d like to strengthen, with people that are experienced in certain positions, but if they don’t become available then they don’t become available. It might take a year or so to get to where we need to go.

“You can’t just do it in a month or one pre-season. It does take a bit of time, but hopefully I’m here for a long time so I’m willing to do that.”

With the full-back position lacking a specialist following the departure of Josh Guzdek to Sheffield Eagles, Greenwood says that Dale Morton may be the player to step into the role.

“There are one or two people that can definitely play there, who I think are the strongest to do it. As it stands at the minute, you’re looking at Dale Morton who can play there and do it well, and we can maybe bring someone else into that position.

“But what I’m saying to the lads is they’ll pick the team with how they perform in training and pre-season. 

“If they’re playing well enough I’ll find a position for them, whether that’s where they’ve played or not. I’ll always go with whoever deserves to be in, who’s performing well.

“So there might be some lads that move position slightly, because how I want them to play and how we do things, they might actually fit a different position to what they think they are.”

Half-back Simon Brown has joined the club from Sheffield, having also had previous spells with the likes of York, Halifax and Hunslet as well a short loan period at Batley Bulldogs in 2014.

Greenwood believes that his experience will be “very important” to the Rams’ youthful squad, particularly in filling the role vacated by Gareth Moore’s retirement.

“Gareth decided to retire so we’re short of half-backs, and we were lucky in a way that there was someone that experienced available at that point, because you don’t usually find too many half-backs available so late.

“We’ve got a lot of young lads, but with Paul Sykes and Simon Brown there’s some good experience now at half-back as well which will help.”

The Rams have added to their three-quarter line with the return of Alex Brown, who had a short spell with the club on loan in 2017.

The winger, 31, comes fresh from helping Jamaica to qualify for the 2021 World Cup last month, and has also had four spells with Batley.

Greenwood says that Brown has “lost his way” at times in his career, but believes that he still has plenty to offer.

“I’ve played alongside him and been involved in coaching him before as well, so I know what he can do. 

“It was a while ago that he was on top form, but you don’t get signed at some of the clubs that he’s signed at without some quality, and if we can untap that again, and he’s showing signs of being able to do that, then we’ve got a really good winger on our hands.”

The trio of additions are completed by former Keighley Cougars and Wakefield academy prop Harvey Hallas, of whom Greenwood sees potential.

“There’s a lot of physical development in him still and I think we can work with him, but his attitude and everything seems good and there’s some potential there. 

“He’s still young for a front rower to be playing at our level, so we’re going to be patient with him. I’m not expecting him to be starting front row every single game.”

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