Rams must be better disciplined, says Kelly

Rams must be better disciplined, says Kelly

NEWLY-APPOINTED Dewsbury head coach Neil Kelly believes that the Good Friday victory over Batley will be of no relevance as the sides square off in the Challenge Cup this Sunday (3pm). 

Dewsbury secured their first league win of 2017 over Batley last week, in what was Kelly’s first game back in charge at the club.

Kelly said it was the perfect start to his reign as head coach, but after defeat to Sheffield Eagles on Monday evening he admitted that Dewsbury need to start being more disciplined.

“Last week’s game won’t have any bearing on Sunday’s game. It is another game against Batley and one we want to go out and win,” said Kelly.

“As far as first games go Friday’s game was a dream first game, however dreams can suddenly turn into nightmares and the second half against Sheffield on Monday night was a little bit of a nightmare.

“There were things from the game on Monday that we did well and it gives us hope that we can replicate what we did against Batley on a regular basis.

“I do feel that Sheffield controlled the pace of the game, they controlled the speed of our play the balls, something that we could not do around  their play the balls.

“I feel that for most of the first half that we were hanging on rather than competing with Sheffield.”

Kelly was more than pleased with his players after they secured the Rams’ first win in nine league games against Batley but says that improvement is still needed.

“The players stuck in there against Batley when they had 12 or 14 tackles on our line, I just spoke to the players about doing the basics, completing the sets and putting the opposition under pressure.

“Nobody could have watched the game and said that the players didn’t deserve to win it.

“There are things we need to do better, our main problem is that we are not having an equal share in controlling the pace of the game and you control the game by controlling the play of the ball.

“We are conceding penalties because we are hanging on by our fingertips and then trying to regain control by giving penalties away, and our focus from now to the end of the year is to control the game better.”

Kelly has not yet had a chance to properly train with his squad due to last weekend’s busy schedule, but feels that the players have begun to take to his ideas on board

He said: “I have only been here for a week, all the training we have had to do has been ball work sessions so I have not yet had a chance to train on a week to week basis. The players can see the logic behind what I am putting across and all we need to do is get down to the hard work and put it all into practice.”

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