Morrison angered by financial divide

Morrison angered by financial divide

DEWSBURY RAMS head coach Glenn Morrison admits he won’t stand in the way of players wanting to join full-time teams despite being frustrated by the increasing financial divide in the Championship.

In recent seasons some of Morrison’s first-choice players, such as Anthony Thackeray, have been lured away from the Tetley’s Stadium to join rival Championship clubs and this year winger Dalton Grant has been the first to jump ship by signing a contract with the London Broncos.

Halifax are also rumoured to have signed a Rams star for 2017, but the deal has yet to be confirmed.

“I’m realistic and I know players want to play full-time and earn good money playing the game. I won’t stand in their way if they’re looking to better themselves and I wish Dalton (Grant) all the best with his move to the Broncos,” said Morrison.

“I try to look at it from a positive angle. When teams like London, among others, approach your players it proves you’re doing something right as a club.

“At Dewsbury I like to think we develop players and nurture them to become better at what they do on and off the field.

“It’s sad to see them leave but we just have to find a new young talent to come in a fill the void.

“But I can’t say it isn’t frustrating when you’re trying to build a squad to take the club forward. Teams with big budgets swoop in and sign some of your better players and it leaves you struggling to put a competitive squad together sometimes.

“It makes life very difficult. In this league the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer and if something isn’t done soon there will be a really big divide in a couple of seasons.

“Because some clubs are inflating the market by paying over the odds for players it is also tricky for us when we want to make signings.

“Players can quickly go out of your price range when you’re forced to stick to a tight budget.

“Having said that the majority of players I wanted to stay have agreed new deals with us so I’m still optimistic about what we can achieve going forward.”

Morrison is hopeful of a big win against Whitehaven on Sunday (September 4, 3pm) fresh from his side’s encouraging performance against in-form Bradford Bulls.

The Aussie coach was also pleased with the performances of some younger players.

“We had a few guys out with work commitments and injuries, but the guys that came in did really well.

“Young Donald (Kudangirana) was particularly impressive on the wing which was good to see and the whole team performance was positive. We pushed Bradford all the way and matched their fitness levels which can be tough to do against a full-time team.”

Lucas Walshaw, Etu Uaisele, Tom Hemingway, Scott Hale and Paul Sykes are all expected to return for Sunday’s visit of Whitehaven.

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