Moor U-15s are just champion!

Moor U-15s are just champion!

Dewsbury Moor Under-15s won the BARLA Yorkshire Cup final on Saturday, with a hard-fought 19-18 victory over Skirlaugh in extra time. 

Playing down the slope at Featherstone, Skirlaugh scored an early try, but Moor replied straight away, after a big hit from Llewellyn and Berry forced a mistake.

The ball was shipped wide and Charlesworth chipped the ball forward and re-gathered to score in the corner.

Moor’s forwards Berry, Graham and Hirst made the hard yards up the slope, with lively half-backs Diskin and Hartley making probing runs from acting half, as well as good kick returns by Llewellyn and MaGowan that helped to keep Skirlaugh on the back foot.

Defences were on top for the rest of the first half with Scriven, Brooks, Inwood, White and O’Neil putting in big efforts to keep the big Skirlaugh side out.

In the second half Skirlaugh dominated for a long period and the pressure told with them taking a healthy 18-4 lead. But Moor never stopped trying and Franklin moved the ball about well, sending Charlesworth through a gap, who then fed Graham to score.

Strong runs from Wilson, Starkey, Brooks and Berry set up field position again and slick passing from Diskin, Franklin and Llewellyn put Charlesworth over for his second to set up a tense finish.

With normal time running out Moor went on the attack, with quick play-the-balls and good runs from Kirby, Scriven and McGowan.

Moor worked down the slope, and a clever chip through from Graham was re-gathered by Llewellyn, who drew the fullback and passed back inside to the supporting Graham to score beside the sticks. With the conversion going over bang on the final whistle, it went to extra time.

The first period was tense with both sides looking for an opening. Skirlaugh tried for a drop goal which went wide. In the second period Moor’s McGowan broke and after a quick play the ball Franklin took on the defence but was just held short. Berry then drove to the sticks, which set up Graham for the winning drop goal.

Skirlaugh came back hard but Moor hung on to win their first Yorkshire Cup, with the coaching staff saying a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped behind the scenes, and to all the supporters for creating a great atmosphere.


DEWSBURY MOOR: Bradley Llewellyn, Jacob White, Callum McGowan, Connor Charlesworth, Jake Wilson, Taylor Franklin, Jonathon Diskin, Thomas Berry, Alex Hirst, Callum Brookes, Joshua Inwood, Bradley Graham, Jay Haywood Scriven. Subs: Adam Kirby, Ethan Starkey, Aaron O’Neil, Samuel Hartley.

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