Harrison 'We can stay in the top four'

KARL Harrison is convinced that Batley Bulldogs are going to be genuine contenders for a top four spot this season.
The former Super League coach believes that as the real top four sides begin to come to the fore the Dogs will stay with the leading pack.
Harrison, whose side took on York at home last night (Thurs), claims that he made some serious changes during preseason regarding their style of play and is adamant that his side are only going to get better.
He said: “It’s been a very pleasing start to the season. We’re up there in the top four and if we keep playing well we’ll cement our place up there and that’s what we want.
“We need to keep working on the little things that have been working for us recently.
“We changed the way that we play a lot in the offseason. It took us a while to gel and to believe in the new things that we brought on board. If we keep working hard we’ll be okay because we’re playing well at the minute.”
“We changed how we defended the ruck and how we act with the ball in hand, so yes, very big changes.”
Batley have a real chance of success in 2011 and although the likes of Halifax and Widnes are lying dormant at the moment Matt Calland, along with newlyappointed Brian Noble, and Dennis Betts will settle for nothing less than the playoffs.
Harrison agrees with that statement but feels Leigh and Featherstone are the true threat to his title hopes.
“The likes of Halifax and Widnes are great sides with big squads and I think they’ll be in the mix come the end of the season,” said Harrison.
“For me, Leigh and Featherstone have proved that they are the standout sides in the competition but they both still have to come to Mount Pleasant.”

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