First-round victory for Cheema

First-round victory for Cheema

Kickboxer Junaid Cheema defied the odds to beat the highly-experienced Brad Conway on the Combat Challenge Show at the Cedar Court Hotel in Bradford.

The grudge match was on K1 kickboxing rules, with Cheema (pictured above right) the fans’ favourite on the night.

Conway started round one aggressively, but Cheema kept his composure and countered with some good punch combinations before landing a kick to the mid-section of Conway, forcing him to the canvas.

With Dewsbury-based fighter Cheema now on the front foot he didn’t look back, making several kicks on the legs and body forcing Conway to the canvas once more.

Conway did his best to get back into the fight, but was met by more kicks to the body and the fight was close to being stopped, only for the bell to ring signalling the end of round one.

But Conway quit the fight on the stool, handing victory to Cheema.

The KBW fighter donated money to the Wadi-El-Fara orphanage project based in the West Bank, Palestine, after the fight.

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