Everyone buying into Greenwood plans – Reilly

Everyone buying into Greenwood plans – Reilly

DEWSBURY RAMS forward Martyn Reilly says that the squad are “buying into” new coach Lee Greenwood’s plans.

Greenwood was appointed to the role in October and had to quickly assemble a squad following a large number of exits, with youngsters Lewis Heckford and Harvey Burnett the latest signings to be announced.

Reilly is one of 13 players in last year’s squad to remain with the Rams for 2019, and he says that pre-season training is going well under the new boss.

“He’s got the lads where he wants them, everyone is working hard and working for spots,” he said. 

“I think it’s a really good atmosphere at the minute and everyone’s buying into it, so it’s been really good.

“It seems like he knows where he wants to be, he knows what direction he wants the club going in. He’s bringing in a lot of new things which is good.

“He’s got the lads working hard, doing a lot of skills and things like that, and the lads seem to be enjoying it.”

The Rams are one of eight teams taking part in the resurrected Yorkshire Cup next month, and Reilly believes that the competition is a good idea.

“Sometimes it’s easy to play your friendlies and treat it just as a friendly, but I think having a bit of competition will be really good,” he said.

“It’s something different for the game, maybe get a few more people coming to the games as it’s something different in pre-season.

“Squads get rotated around a lot in pre-season, and you give lads a chance who might be on trial, who might not be playing so much, youngsters.

“I think with the cup it’ll make it that little bit more competitive, and you’ve got to know what each other are made of a little bit, and then take that into the season, so I think that’s the main difference.

“It would obviously be good to get some silverware. Our pre-season is going really well and it would be good to finish with a bit of silverware before the season starts, a bit of a positive to go into the season with.”

There has been a lot of upheaval at Dewsbury in the off-season, but Reilly still believes that the club should be aiming to be the best part-time side in the Championship.

“It’s tough with the split of full-time and part-time teams, it’s really tough, but I think it’s taking everything as it comes,” he said.

“Ideally for us, you want to be the best part-time club around. 

“Last year we played a few full-time teams and gave them a good run for their money and took some good scores from it, and it’s the same this year.

“Take it as it comes, hopefully be the best part-time club, but obviously there’s some really stiff competition even with part-time teams. 

“I think it’s the toughest competition that we’ve had in a long time, and I think there are going to be some interesting games and results.”

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