Chairman's Supporters Club ambition

BATLEY BULLDOGS chairman Kevin Nicholas hopes to restart the official  Supporters Club by hosting a meeting for anyone interested in getting involved on Monday March 14 (7.30pm).

The event will take place in Ron’s Lounge at Mount Pleasant and it is hoped the club can generate enough interest so that the supporters club can be given a fresh start.

During Batley’s long history the supporters club has played an important role in keeping the club going, particularly during the 1970s with the help of John Winner, Jack Walker and Ron Earnshaw among others.

But Nicholas accepts the club can start with low-key responsibilities. He said: “Initially if we said that the priority for the Supporters Club was to help generate interest in the club and run coaches to as many away games as possible that would be a good start.

“Social events and any fundraising would be an ‘add on’ if possible.

“Clearly everybody is welcome to the meeting whether they have been on the committee or whether they have never been near any committee, it matters not.

“Simply an interest in the club and willingness to give a bit of time to help is all that is needed.

“Any supporter who is free please come along even if you are unsure as to whether to get involved or not.”

The meeting will last for one hour and a complimentary drink will be on offer from the club’s new bar for everyone who turns up on the night.

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