Workers killed our graveside flowers

Workers killed our graveside flowers

CEMETERY workers have been criticised for destroying plants and flowers left by relatives around graves in Dewsbury.

Michael Mullins, who has several relatives buried in Dewsbury Cemetery, says council workers have sprayed indiscriminately around the plots, killing grass and plants that they had left in memory of loved ones.

Mr Mullins, of Pennine Road, Dewsbury, believes the workmen should use different methods to tidy up the cemetery after their actions caused a rose tree and other plants to die off.

Mr Mullins’ parents, his son Steven and grandson Oliver are all buried next to each other in the cemetery.

“It’s like vandalism,” he said. “There’s no need for them to do it like that. Why can’t they use strimmers to cut back the grass?

“I’ve seen ‘Community Payback’ teams use strimmers around Dewsbury, so why can’t the council – is it down to time and money?”

Mr Mullins says he made contact with the council’s Bereavement Services department but is yet to receive a response.

A council spokesperson said: “It has been the standard practice to apply weed killer to control grass edges and keep growth within the grass plots for many years.

“It helps prevent the grass spreading to paths and also stops long grass growing along wall bottoms and around obstacles. Most sites across Kirklees have the grass edges maintained by this method.

“However this year, due to the very dry warm spring weather, it has been very effective and as such unfortunately much more noticeable.

“We have no plans for additional applications in the near future and it is expected that the appearance will improve in due course.

“We recognise that the areas affected do not look very attractive and would like to apologise for any upset that has been caused.”

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