When Betty met Brian!

When Betty met Brian!

A CARE home resident from Dewsbury has been reunited with her former friend and colleague – 68 years after last seeing him.

Betty Teale, 88, who lives at Ashworth Grange care home, bumped into Brian Holroyd, 90, after attending a singing group at Avery Mews care home in Heckmondwike, where he now lives.

The former colleagues used to work together at Holroyd and Pickersgill Auctioneers in Dewsbury almost seven decades ago, and they haven’t seen each other since Betty left the company in 1951.

In 1964, at the age of 16, Betty started her career at the auctioneers as an office worker handling admin for the estate agents. She left after five years to help her husband set up his own building firm.

Betty said: “I knew it was Brian the moment I saw him, I would recognise his face anywhere! 

“We used to have such fun working at the auction house – they were great times – and it has been wonderful to reminisce about this period of my life.

“We lost contact when I got married as I was so busy helping my husband with his own business so I couldn’t be more delighted that we are back in touch.”

Brian, whose father owned Holroyd and Pickersgill, said: “We instantly recognised each other as Betty hasn’t changed a bit. 

“I’m really looking forward to visiting her at Ashworth Grange – we have 68 years to catch up on!”

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