Water bosses send for fatbuster bugs

TRILLIONS of fatbusting bugs are being unleashed on sewers in Dewsbury in a war on blockages.

The treatment is being used at nine hotspots in Savile Town – including Mill Street West and South Street – and Ravensthorpe, where accumulations of fats, oils and grease are causing continual problems.

The bugs – organicallygrown bacteria – are being used by Yorkshire Water after crews were called out more than 100 times in the last six months to deal with blockages caused by people pouring cooking fats down kitchen sinks or into household drains.

Yorkshire Water pollution manager Patrick Killgallon said: “We work hard to get people to think twice before they pour fat down the plughole.

“But we’re also looking at new and innovative approaches to tackling this ageold problem, such as using fatbusting bugs.

“Because these bacteria constantly multiply in the right environment, we can leave them to get on with their job.

“Consequently, we’re confident their introduction will significantly reduce blockages.”

Meanwhile, Yorkshire Water is reminding customers to dispose of fat by letting it cool and harden before scraping it off into a bin.

Alternatively, it can be mixed with other ingredients, like crushed unsalted peanuts, to create bird feed.

For more advice on disposing of waste properly, visit www.yorkshirewater.com/dirty.

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