Wat-er carry on for Gomersal residents!

Wat-er carry on for Gomersal residents!
By Mike Popplewell

RESIDENTS of Roberson Terrace in Gomersal, were treated to a spectacular water fountain last week that looked more like the famed ‘Old Faithful’ geyser of Yellowstone Park fame.

The US version bursts out of the ground every few hours, but this one just sprayed and sprayed for hours, creating a fast flowing stream, before emptying into the nearest drain.

Over the next three days groups of residents would be left without water as a farcical pantomime played out.

It began around 3pm on Wednesday when workmen investigating a possible leak were alarmed by a sudden jet of water, reaching higher than the adjacent telegraph pole, burst from a broken valve in the water mains.

Unable to deal with the situation themselves a message was sent requesting the appropriate team. At 4.45pm there was reassurance given that the team in question were in Todmorden and 45 minutes away and the hole, and the fountain were left.

At 10pm a representative from Yorkshire Water called to assess the situation, having not been informed of the issue until 8pm, and at midnight a team turned up to work through the night pumping the water out of the hole, plugging the leak and then filling the hole.

The next day there were visits from Yorkshire Water Customer Services to make sure everything was in order – only to be followed by another team late in the evening who dug it all up again.

There was another late night finish but the faulty part, that had caused the burst in the first place, was finally replaced and the hole filled again. 

The following morning everyone who had been without water on a rota, finally had their water back on ‘tap’ – literally!

A spokesman for Yorkshire Water explained that the incident had actually coincided with an IT problem that had prevented messages getting out to their teams.

Residents had all been offered several litres of bottled water for emergencies.

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