‘If you want jobs, don’t vote Leave’

‘If you want jobs, don’t vote Leave’

EMPLOYMENT tops the reasons why a local campaigner wants to stay in Europe, just as those who want to leave crank up pressure for an exit.

Ednan Hussain, who stood for the Lib Dems in Dewsbury and Mirfield at the general election last May, claimed 3.5m jobs are linked to EU membership.

He also cited co-operation on terrorism among 12 other reasons for voting to stay in the 28-member bloc.

Two separate groups calling for an exit, Vote Leave and Grassroots Out, have events coming up in Mirfield and Gomersal respectively.

Vote Leave will have a street stall in Mirfield town centre this weekend while Grassroots Out has a meeting at Gomersal Cricket Club on Wednesday (7pm).

Mr Hussain also highlighted lower mobile phone roaming charges as one of many benefits of EU membership.

He said: “The Leave campaign has yet to give convincing answers about how they would ensure the continuation of all these benefits if we left.

“Jobs in our area are at stake. And the lesson from recent months is we need more co-operation on crime and terrorism, not less.”

Issues highlighted by Mr Hussain include:

• Consumer protection such as compensation when flights are cancelled;

• Environmental laws that improve rivers, beaches and air quality;

• Action on unfair trading practices by global firms;

• Rights for workers, including equal pay for women.

The Grassroots Out meeting has been organised to counter “propaganda” in a Government leaflet sent to all households.

Organiser Aleks Lukic, who stood for UKIP in Batley and Spen at the last general election, also believes the £9m cost of the leaflets is unfair.

He said: “Both referendum campaigns will be allowed to spend up to £7m, raising nearly all of that sum from donations.

“The Government’s spending does not count towards the limit for those campaigning to stay in.

“A free and fair referendum should obviously mean equal spending for both sides of the debate.”

He added: “This leaflet is blatant propaganda – it’s full of misleading spin and half-truths.

“David Cameron knows he is losing the argument on the ground but his desperate tactics won’t change that.”

• Campaigners have 100,000 leaflets advocating the UK’s exit from Europe ready to go.

The Vote Leave group has a street stall in Mirfield this weekend and will also start door-to-door canvassing across the area’s two parliamentary constituencies.

Former Dewsbury South councillor Jonathan Scott is co-ordinator for the group’s Dewsbury and Batley and Spen team.

He said: “We have a committed and passionate group of supporters working very hard to ensure we leave the EU and take back control of our country and our borders.”

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