Victorian bells ring out again at Minster

Victorian bells ring out again at Minster

THE sound of handbell ringing has returned to Dewsbury.

Following a restoration initiative, Sunday's carol service at Dewsbury Minster saw a fledgling team perform three Christmas songs on some of the town's newly-restored handbells.

Back in 1890, Shaw's of Bradford cast 250 bells that were used by the Dewsbury Handbell Team in many competitions at that time.

Some bells have remained in storage for the last 50 years and their condition had deteriorated, while others have been lost entirely.

But now 19 of the original bells have been lovingly restored in Kent.

The new team played three carols at the Minster on December 20 as a demonstration of the great sound that comes from handbells.

Special guest Laurie Gilbert, the district's town crier, put aside his more traditional bell to make more melodic music.

The bells will ring out again on Christmas Day, during the morning service at the Minster (10.30am).

In the New Year church volunteers intend to form a full team from the Dewsbury community.

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