Trust bid to be debated

PROPOSALS for a Dewsbury primary school to become a charitable trust are to be debated by councillors next week.

Chickenley Junior, Infant and Nursery would convert to a foundation school involving the Co-operative Society under the plans.

Kirklees Council’s Labour cabinet is due to discuss the issue at a meeting in Huddersfield on Tuesday.

The school would remain under Kirklees Council control, with the education authority having a seat on the trust board.

But they would be funded directly by the Government and have more power to run their own affairs than other council-run schools.

Foundation schools are different from those that convert to academies as they leave council control altogether.

The conversion, backed by parents in a consultation last year, could be brought in on May 1 should councillors back it.

A report, which states Kirklees would have a stake of up to 20 per cent through its seat on the board, recommends approval.

The board would have seven members, two each from the school and a trust forum and one from Kirklees, the Co-operative Society and Chickenley Community Centre.

Aims would include promoting life-long learning and raising the aspirations of both children and parents.

A statement from the school in the report said: “Our vision is to use the strength of the trust to build on what we have achieved.

“We want to create a learning community which seeks to raise levels of enjoyment, achievement and aspiration for all.

“This vision is underpinned by a set of values including the principles of equality and inclusion...

“We believe that to meet the needs of our community we need to work together as a community.

“We know we can achieve more by working together than we can by working alone.

“A trust would help to make that belief a reality.”

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