Travellers take over Sands Lane flying site

MODEL aircraft enthusiasts were grounded earlier this week after travellers moved onto their airstrip in Dewsbury.
The 20caravan group, thought to be the same Irish travellers who were moved off council land in Hightown last week, initially set up camp on the Sands Lane playing fields.
The council obtained a court order to shift them from the fields last Friday, but the travellers simply moved a few yards onto privatelyowned land used by Dewsbury and District Model Aero Club.
The club rent the land and have flown their model planes from the site for more than 20 years.
The travellers moved on Tuesday but again left a large amount of waste.
Club secretary Terry McLoughlin said: “They took up our whole field and churned up the grass.
“We have to mow it twice a week to ensure it’s flat and smooth but it will take a lot of work to get it back to its best. It’s trespass, pure and simple. There’s barriers up and signs that say it’s private property.
“We can’t believe the council let them move off their land and straight onto ours next door.”
A Council spokesman said they had worked with the club to move the travellers on.

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