Tracy battles for disabled train passengers

Tracy battles for disabled train passengers

MP TRACY BRABIN has written to the Government asking for urgent investment to make Batley’s railway station fully accessible for disabled passengers.

The Batley & Spen MP is calling on the Government to modernise the station, off Back Station Road, by making it fully wheelchair accessible. 

And Ms Brabin has also called for a bus service to and from the station, as well as the removal of “horrible” Pacer trains. 

Currently only one of Batley station’s platforms has level, step-free access, meaning disabled passengers can only travel in one direction – towards Leeds. 

This often leads to disabled passengers having to make an extended or costlier journey. 

Writing to Transport Minister Chris Heaton-Harris, Ms Brabin recalled the plight of one constituent, a Paralympic athlete, who was forced to extend his journey home and pay for a taxi, due to not being able to leave his train at Batley. 

Ms Brabin goes on to tell the minister: “Disabled constituents face numerous barriers when they want to travel by train, including access to their local station.

“Since 2004 it has been written in law that railway stations should be fully accessible to disabled users.

“The 2018 Transport Strategy said 75 per cent of railway stations had full disabled access, but Batley has still been left behind and forgotten to the detriment of local disabled people. This is simply unacceptable in this day and age. 

“It’s an outrage in 2020 that wheelchair users can’t get a train to or from their local station. Change has to happen and it needs to happen now.”

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