Town centre bans for Ravensthorpe teen

A DRUNK has been banned from his own job centre after he entered it armed with a piece of masonry. 

Ravensthorpe teenager Ian Muchmore was also banned from Huddersfield town centre after he burgled one store and urinated outside another.

He was banned from Dewsbury job centre after he became abusive towards members of staff and was asked to leave on May 25.

Five minutes later he returned, armed with a piece of masonry. He made threats to smash the windows at the centre and punched the automatic glass doors.

Then on August 9, he was caught urinating in the car park of Tesco in Viaduct Street, Huddersfield. A police officer issued him with a dispersal order which he signed.

This banned him from entering the town centre for 24 hours, but one hour before it expired he was caught  running from an officer who was trying to arrest him.

Muchmore then stole the keys to the Pound Bakery in New Street on September 1.

A delivery driver had unlocked the shop and was unloading goods when the teenager walked past.

He entered the bakery and stole the keys before throwing them down a ginnel and acting aggressively towards the driver.

Kirklees Magistrates’ Court heard that the 19-year-old had been drinking in Huddersfield town centre after attending court and had the intention of stealing from the shop.

Muchmore, of Spen Valley Road, Ravensthorpe, was described as a nuisance by his solicitor. Carl Kingsley told the court: “He drinks too much and causes problems.

“When he was given a dispersal order he was seen the next day in the town centre an hour before it was due to expire. He is clearly a nuisance in this area.”

The court heard that he lashed out at job centre staff after his benefits were stopped.

Magistrates made a two-year criminal behaviour order which bans him from entering Huddersfield town centre. He is also barred from Dewsbury job centre and cannot remain in any Kirklees premises if asked to leave by staff.

He was also handed a community order to tackle his alcohol issues.

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