Tour legend hurt hospitalised after bike crash

Tour legend hurt hospitalised after bike crash

CYCLING legend Brian Robinson suffered a broken collarbone after being knocked off his bike.

The Tour de France great, 83, was in collision with a car while out riding with friends in Thornhill Lees on Wednesday.

Brian, who lives in Mirfield, was kept in hospital overnight following the incident at around 1.20pm on Lees Hall Road. He also broke six ribs, punctured a lung and sustained lacerations.

His son-in-law Coun Martyn Bolt said: “We don’t know how long he will be in hospital but we’re hoping he will be back on his bike before too long.

“Inactivity is not something that sits well with him. He likes to go out twice a week to keep fit and spend time with his friends.”

Brian was the first Briton to win a stage of the Tour de France.

Coun Bolt urged people to be wary of the presence of cyclists on roads and added: “Drivers must be cautious.

“I would urge everybody to take a couple of seconds to make sure they are not putting somebody’s husband, father or son in jeopardy.”

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