Tory candidate ‘talks Dewsbury’ with PM Boris

Tory candidate ‘talks Dewsbury’ with PM Boris

DEWSBURY Conservative candidate Mark Eastwood has been rubbing shoulders with Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week.

The pair met in Leeds on Tuesday, when Mr Johnson was visiting the city, to talk about a series of issues affecting Dewsbury – including policing and education.

Mr Eastwood said: "I was delighted to talk to the Prime Minister and I was pleased at how importantly he regards Dewsbury.

"He knows the importance of returning a Conservative MP for Dewsbury at the next General Election and promised to help me as much as possible.

"I'm sure Boris is the man to take this country forwards and I'm pleased with the plans he has for us all.

"The Prime Minister has promised an extra 20,000 police officers and I want to see as many of them as possible here in Dewsbury to help cut crime and keep our streets safe.

"I welcome the news of the new police officers and also the latest plans for our education. It is vital Dewsbury's children get the best education possible and I believe the plans to raise the levels of per-pupil funding to previous levels is more than welcome."

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