Tories back in fold after Brexit probe

Tories back in fold after Brexit probe
By David Spereall
Local Democracy Reporter

TWO Conservative councillors in Ossett suspended by their party earlier this summer say they’ve had their memberships reinstated.

Gill Cruise and Nick Farmer strongly denied claims they campaigned for the Brexit Party before May’s European elections, which led to them being investigated by Conservative central office.

However, it is understood their suspensions have now been lifted. 

The Conservative Party has been contacted for confirmation.

A third party member, local activist Tony Homewood, has also had his membership reinstated. 

Coun Farmer, who represents Ossett, said he’d filed a complaint about the proceedings against him, before adding: “It’s a disgrace I was ever suspended in the first place.”

The allegations which led to the trio being investigated centred around a visit to Wakefield by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on May 20.

Couns Cruise and Farmer, as well as Mr Homewood, were both photographed at the scene as an open top bus carrying Mr Farage pulled up outside the Calder and Hops pub in the city centre.

But all three vehemently denied they were there in support of the Brexit Party.

Coun Farmer added: “The whole thing’s a farce. I don’t feel justice has been done because I haven’t had an apology from the Conservative Party yet.

“The picture of me was when I was outside Wakefield Cathedral. They might as well accuse me of being a vicar.”

Coun Farmer said he believed members of the Labour party had leaked the photo.

He added that although he was still aggrieved with his own party for investigating he was “determined not to let Labour try to break us up or disrupt us.”

Coun Cruise, who represents Horbury and South Ossett, said last month she’d only turned up to see if the former UKIP leader “still had milkshake on his suit”, after he’d had a drink thrown over him in Newcastle earlier that day.

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