Thornhill head is TV heartthrob

Thornhill head is TV heartthrob

HEADTEACHER and self-confessed balding geek Jonny Mitchell is proving to be unlikely TV heartthrob.

The Thornhill Community Academy chief has had marriage proposals since a Channel 4 series started two weeks ago.

Educating Yorkshire is a reality show detailing life at a state comprehensive - and Mr Mitchell is one of the stars, along with the school's teachers and staff.

The married dad-of-three, 41, has even been asked to do a racy spread by Heat magazine.

He is stumped by the attention and said: "I'm a portly, middle-aged, balding geek. Maybe it's something to do with my authority."

He added: "Heat magazine emailed asking if I'd be its pin-up and there's been interest from the male species. It's all very uncomfortable."

The reaction has caught Mr Mitchell by surprise and he added: "It's just surreal. It's not what we signed up for.

"We did it to show Dewsbury's not all crap, that it's not just all poor, rough, and Shannon Matthews, race riots and the EDL."

Born in Dewsbury to an ambulance worker dad and a midwife mum, Mr Mitchell studied at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

He became an accountant but retrained and joined the Thornhill Community Academy two years ago.

TV exposure has also apparently seen a rise in pupils from other schools in the area requesting a transfer to Thornhill.

Mr Mitchell added: "The reaction to the programme's been overwhelmingly positive - 98 per cent of the emails we get are gushing with praise."

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