Thieves steal Star Wars stash worth thousands

BURGLARS stole Star Wars toys worth £50,000 from a Dewsbury collector in a plot that could have come from the blockbuster movies themselves.

Many of the rare items were secretly stored in a cubby-hole behind a wall in the loft at the Moor Gardens home of superfan Christopher Lupton.

Devastated Mr Lupton, 46, has been left wondering how the culprits knew where to look.

He said: “Not only has the collection been stolen, but I am now finding myself looking into my friends and even members of my own family.

“The people who did this knew about my collection and had some idea about where it was kept.”

Thieves broke into Mr Lupton’s home between April 10 and 19 while he was on holiday in Dorset with his bride-to-be, Laura Barber.

Police believe the thieves could have been in the property for two days, given the time it would have taken to break through the loft wall.

Among the items stolen were Star Wars village sets, vehicles, spaceships and more than 300 figurines, including Jedi knights.

Of particular value is a Darth Vader figurine and an extremely rare FX Yoda light saber.

Also stolen was an AT-AT walker, which Mr Lupton’s mother spent 31 weeks saving up to buy decades ago.

The majority are vintage toys from the 1970s and 80s, most in their original boxes or in near mint condition.

Some items are autographed and have written dedications to Mr Lupton and his twin brother, who started the collection with him following the first film’s launch in 1977.

Mr Lupton is now contacting Star Wars specialists and auctioneers across the country in the hope of finding the stolen goods.

He said: “I can only hope that an auctioneer or a buyer comes forward to say someone has been trying to sell a large amount of Star Wars collectables.

“I have been searching through websites and contacting various people all over but found nothing yet.

“There are only a few specialists in the UK and it would be very difficult to sell the whole collection.”

• Anyone with information about the burglary can call PC Simon Reddington at Kirklees CID on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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