The questions we put to Coun Box

THE Press submitted five questions to Wakefield Council leader Coun Peter Box.
He did not respond. Instead the council issued a statement.

  1. Why is Wakefield Council pressing ahead with its consultation on the LDF when the new Government has said the LDF has been scrapped?

  2. Does Wakefield Council accept that there is no longer any requirement on local authorities to provide sites for travellers?

  3. When is the new PFI waste management contract with Babcocks due to be signed and is it too late to keep open the Owl Lane tip?

  4. Why can’t Wakefield and Kirklees councils work together to keep Owl Lane tip open for the benefit of people on both sides of the OssettDewsbury border?

  5. Does Wakefield Council accept the claims from Ossett people that Ossett has been neglected and ignored by the local authority for the last 30plus years?

A council spokesman said: “The future of waste disposal in the district was determined as long ago as 2004 as part of the negotiations for the PFI, due to be signed next month.
“The council listens to residents as part of our own consultation programme.
“The LDF is not being scrapped. There is uncertainty about the provision of travellers’ sites because of the scrapping of the Regional Planning Guidance. The Government may be revoking a circular by the previous Government. However, we understand the Government is stressing the need for transit sites for travellers to be provided.
“We are in the process of completing the PFI with Babcocks for the management and delivery of the council’s municipal waste strategy. This is expected to be signed later this year.”

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