Tenant's mouldy flat 'ignored' for months

Tenant's mouldy flat 'ignored' for months
By Tony Earnshaw 
Local Democracy Reporter 

A WOMAN living in a mouldy Dewsbury council flat has been battling to get it fixed for almost six months.

Nicole Downes moved into her flat on Ashworth Close after undergoing spinal surgery which meant she was unable to continue living in her previous home, an 11th-floor flat.

But the 26-year-old found that the double-glazed flat-roofed porch of her new home leaked, causing condensation and mould.

Months of phone calls to Kirklees Council have not resulted in any repairs.

She says the damp conditions have damaged the wooden door to her living room, making it impossible to shut and preventing her from heating her home as warm air heads straight out of the porch. The damp conditions also aggravate her asthma.

Despite regularly wiping down the porch she has already slipped and fallen on the wet floor, which further injured her back.

“I had to put a towel down on the floor of the porch because it was so wet, but I still slipped,” Miss Downes said.

“I’ve hurt myself again after already hurting myself before. My consultant said I might have to have another procedure due to the pain.”

Miss Downes, who moved into her flat last September, says she has repeatedly contacted Kirklees Council for support but has been “fobbed off”.

After initially agreeing to fix the porch the council said the job had been cancelled.

Three members of council staff came to view the damage, followed by an inspector – but no-one turned up to do any work.

The council denied any appointment had been made but then claimed to have sent out staff in January and February. 

Miss Downes said she was at home on both occasions and that no-one had called.

Miss Downes, who suffers from depression and anxiety, said: “I’ve had no support from anyone and I’m getting really fed up now. It’s a struggle.

“I’ve wiped the porch down but the mould still comes back. It’s everywhere. My flat is cold. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

“I wish I’d never taken this flat. It’s got me down.

“I spoke to a lady at the council last week and she said someone would get back to me but no-one did.”

Joanne Bartholomew, chief operating officer at Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, said: “We’re sorry the tenant has had to wait for this repair to be sorted.

“It’s not a routine repair, which means we’ve had to contract it out to a specialist company and unfortunately this had not been communicated to the tenant, for this we are very sorry.”

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