Teachers vote on June 30 strike

TEACHERS across North Kirklees could go on strike next month over Government plans to cut public sector pensions.
Many schools may be disrupted or even closed on June 30 if trade union strike ballots are passed as part of a nationwide campaign.
It follows a review which concluded public sector staff should work until 65 and have their final salary pension schemes axed.
A campaign was started by trade unions for a national strike on June 30, which teachers in North Kirklees are expected to back.
Kirklees NUT branch secretary Howard Roberts hopes a strike vote is enough to bring the Government to the table for talks.
He said: “A strike would be a last resort.
“We hope that when the Government sees the size of the ballot they come to talk to us.
“At the moment all they’re saying is how they’re going to do it, not why or to explore other options.
“We’d like them to think again.”
The Government has accepted Lord Hutton’s review proposals as a way to deal with ballooning pension payouts due to an ageing population.
Unions including the NUT and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers have joined forces to fight the plans nationally.
Most schools and colleges across the country could be affected, with many in both North and South Kirklees closed.
Mr Roberts added: “Our members are being asked to accept a cut that amounts to tens of thousands of pounds from their pensions.
“The Government says the contracts of bankers can’t be touched, yet the contracts of teachers can apparently be ripped up at will.”

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