Tanisha hits back at fake Facebook troll

Tanisha hits back at fake Facebook troll

AN ELECTION candidate has slammed attempts to derail her campaign after social media comments were posted claiming she had pocketed cash from a fundraising event.

Tanisha Bramwell said she contemplated quitting her bid to become an Independent councillor for the Dewsbury West ward after seeing the post, which came from an apparently fake Facebook profile, on Sunday night.

The poster, using the name ‘Arthur Willoughby’, alleged that the 25-year-old was paying for people to vote for her.

It also suggested that she had taken money from a fundraiser she organised to cover funeral costs following the death of her childhood friend Luke Manton last year.

Tanisha, who runs the Bramwell Sports Development Team which helps residents in her local community, said: “I was crying, I was even thinking about pulling out.

“I was thinking to myself, they’ve gone against a family that’s lost someone and they’ve made them feel awful, they’ve made me feel awful, are they going to go against my family next?

“Are they going to go for local people that I care about, who don’t deserve it? All because I’ve exercised my right to run for councillor?

“I definitely thought am I going to carry on and is it worth it? 

“But my local community rallied around me and told me I can’t quit.”

Tanisha has since reported the fake profile to police and it was taken down within half an hour of posting the original comment.

Though she has no concrete evidence who set up the profile, she believes it may have been initiated by rivals in an attempt to smear her name.

She said: “I’ve got a bit of an idea who it could be, but until there’s evidence I don’t want to make any accusations – but it does seem like a strategic move and I think it’s fallen back on them, and they’ve realised quite quickly it wouldn’t end well so they’ve deleted the account.”

Tanisha will be up against Labour’s Mussarat Pervaiz at the May 7 elections and is aiming to become the second Independent councillor in the district after Coun Aleks Lukic took a seat in Dewsbury East in 2019.

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