Tamsin raises thousands after losing the flab

Tamsin raises thousands after losing the flab

A SLIMMER from Thornhill is set to run a half marathon next Sunday after losing more than two stone.

Tamsin Coughtrey-Smith, 46, will take part in the Great Birmingham Run in aid of stillbirth and neo-natal charities.

The childminder, of Frank Close, can only run the event thanks to the help of Slimming World in Thornhill.

Tamsin at one point weighed 19st and said she had difficulty running to the bottom of her driveway.

She turned to Slimming World after years of yo-yo dieting got her down to 13st, only for the weight to pile back on.

Problems with her knees and hips meant Tamsin needed to get the weight off permanently for health reasons.

She is now a trim 11st while joining a running group in Netherton, Wakefield, has done wonders for her joints.

Tamsin said: “Without Slimming World I couldn’t have done anything like this. I couldn’t even run to the end of the driveway before.

“The weight’s stayed off because it’s not a ‘faddy’ diet where you put on the pounds on again when you go back to eating ‘normal’ food.

“You’re already are eating normal food. And it helps too that the Thornhill group are really motivated and support each other.”

Tamsin, who runs a childcare business with husband Andrew, has already completed a 5km fun run for charity.

She entered a race in Ripon last month that featured an obstacle course which was hard on her knees and hips.

Tamsin said: “I managed to do it and it was for some great causes, but I was certainly in a bit of pain towards the end.”

She raised £2,325, which was split between five charities, including the MS Society, Cancer Research UK and Holme Valley Mountain Rescue.

Thornhill Slimming World consultant Joanne Jackson recently began a walking group that meets on Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings.

Her classes are at Thornhill Rugby Club on Wednesdays at 3.30pm, 5.30pm, and 7.30pm.

Call 01924 468645 for more details.

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