Tailgating incident leads to metal bar attack on Batley dad

Tailgating incident leads to metal bar attack on Batley dad

A FATHER-of-two says his family are living in fear after he was attacked outside his Carlinghow home by four men.

Marc White was followed home after an altercation with another driver on Monday night and was subjected to a terrifying racist assault in front of his wife and two young sons.

The 38-year-old gardener suffered a severely bruised eye socket and sternum after being repeatedly hit with metal batons. 

He described his attackers as four Asian males aged around 25, one of whom he claims shouted “You white bastard” at him.

He said: “If these lads are willing to do that to a family man over nothing, hit people in the face with metal poles, I don’t know what else they’re capable of.”

Mr White was driving home from Batley Baths  with his sons Oscar, nine, and Freddie, five, just after 7.30pm when he noticed that a Toyota Yaris was tailgating him through Carlinghow.

He said the driver was “flashing his lights and keeping his hand on the horn” and was “almost in the boot of my car”.

Mr White pulled over to the side of the road and the other driver also stopped – but pulled out a baton which he started swinging.

Mr White said it was “a half-hearted attack”. He added: “Fortunately when my son Oscar screamed ‘daddy you’re going to die’ this chap looked at Oscar and I managed to grab the weapon. He said to me ‘look I don’t want to fight you’. I said ‘well you’re making a good job of it’ and told him to back off.”

Mr White took a long detour before driving home. But 10 minutes later the driver arrived along with three other men in a separate car, and they started banging on the front door.

They smashed the windows of his wife’s car, parked outside, causing about £1,000 worth of damage.

Mr White went to confront the four men but was immediately set upon. He said: “By the time I’d got to the gate outside the house I was smacked from my blindside with a metal baton.

“My vision was just stars, I couldn’t see anything. I then just tried to stay upright.

“For what seemed like five minutes – it probably was only maybe two – I was taking blow after blow.”

Neighbours and family called the police and the gang fled, leaving behind two of the weapons. One police officer attended the scene.

Mr White was taken to hospital as a precaution, but  didn’t suffer any major injuries. 

He said he only got an update from officers on Wednesday evening at around 9pm – two days after the incident. He added: “It’s upsetting, it’s angering. The best thing that could happen is a bit of justice being served.”

Det Insp James Bellhouse of Kirklees CID said: “This has been a serious offence in which a man and his vehicle have been attacked by a group of males and we are appealing for witnesses to what took place. 

“Detectives are speaking with the victim and are following up on initial enquiries.

“Anyone who saw what took place or has any information should contact Kirklees CID on 101 referencing crime 13200061988.”

Marc White suffered a severely bruised eye socket and sternum as a result of the attack 
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