Sword-wielding man plunges 20 feet off roof

Sword-wielding man plunges 20 feet off roof

Photo: Mike Clark

A SWORD-WIELDING man was taken to hospital with serious injuries after plunging 20 feet from a rooftop.

He had been brandishing the weapon outside his ex-partner’s home on Malham Drive in Batley last Saturday evening when the woman called police.

Armed officers arrived and he climbed on to the roof of a mill in Healey Lane and started shouting his former partner’s name before falling to the ground.

A police spokesman said: “Firearms officers were despatched to the scene but on arrival of the first unit, the man fell from the roof of nearby business premises on Healey Lane and received serious injuries.

“Officers gave medical aid to the man and he was taken to hospital by ambulance.

“His injuries are not considered life threatening. Detectives from Kirklees CID are investigating.”

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