Suspected drug deal witnessed by resident

Suspected drug deal witnessed by resident

A JITTERY young man was seen walking down Smithies Lane in Birstall while it was still daylight at around 8pm on Monday.

His gaze shifted constantly as he went past Union Street towards School Street, while a resident, who did not want to be named, was being dropped off nearby.

He said: “The man seemed really shifty and drew attention to himself by almost bouncing about on his toes.

“He was constantly looking around but seemed not to have noticed we were sitting in a car just a few feet away watching him. The man stopped by the garage opposite the granny flats to take a call on his mobile.

Seconds later, a dark-coloured car with dark windows pulled up in front of us and he went over to it. He stuck a hand through an open front passenger window, then pulled his hand out and fled back up Smithies Lane towards the town centre.”

No package was seen being exchanged but the resident claimed the incident looked like a drug deal. He added: “I’d heard there’d been a few burglaries in the area recently and so this guy caught my attention.

“The way he was behaving, I wondered what on earth he was up to. All that looking around made me think he might be a burglar.

“But then this car appeared and what happened next made me sure I’d just seen a drug deal.”

The man was about 5ft 10in tall, aged early to mid-20s, with a medium build and wavy light brown hair. He was wearing blue jeans, trainers and a dark jacket.

A driver and front seat passenger were in the car, which may have been a BMW. It drove off to the Smithies junction.

Traders have complained about drug dealing at night that allegedly goes on at the High Street car park.

The resident was shocked such activity could happen in the open, in daylight and in an area with young children still playing out.

He said: “You usually think of drug dealing as going on in secluded areas, like the High Street car park, where they think they won’t be seen. But this was absolutely blatant.

“It was still daylight and shoppers were coming and going from Tesco over the road.

“Children were out playing games in the street just yards away.

“In general, Birstall is a nice place to live. It should stay that way. We don’t want drug dealers here.”

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