Support for injured Ryan humbling

THOUSANDS of pounds have been raised already for injured Shaw Cross Sharks rugby league star Ryan Glynn.

The former Dewsbury Rams full-back suffered a horrific spinal injury in a Sharks match at Elland two weeks ago.

Ryan, of Staincliffe, is currently stable in a Sheffield hospital following surgery on a dislocated vertebrae.

He is experiencing paralysis in his left arm and left leg, but is having physio in a bid to get them moving.

Ryan, 25, works for a building firm in Horbury. The long-term effect on his playing career and job are still unknown.

His plight has captured the hearts of the whole community, with fundraising events being held across the area.

Shaw Cross officials are still being inundated with messages of support and the Twitter hashtag #ForGlynny is also being used by online groups who are arranging fundraisers. A website, went live this week, giving people a chance to donate easily online.

A collection, raffle and cake stall at the Sharks’ home game with Stanningley last Saturday raised more than £2,000.

About £300 was raised from a similar event next day when some of the club’s junior teams played at home.

Ambulance workers held a raffle at a social night last Saturday, with more than £50 raised for Ryan’s welfare fund.

People have also been dropping cash and cheques off at Ravensport in Earlsheaton, which is owned by Sharks vice-chairman Mick Turner.

One caller from Hunslet Hawks popped in with £134 raised from a collection at a recent match.

Stunned Mr Turner said: “We’ve even had little old ladies coming in with money for Ryan’s fund.

“I feel very humble and can’t say thank you enough because people around here don’t have much, yet they still want to donate.”

An incident on Monday when items for a memorabilia auction were returned after being lost sums up the mood.

A box of donated goods fell out of a car as it was being driven on Wakefield Road, Dewsbury, and was found by Kirklees Council staff.

The Street Scene workers looked inside, realised what it was and took it back to Shaw Cross Sharks.

“I can’t thank them enough,” Mr Turner said. “Some framed photos were in there and I’m amazed the glass wasn’t even broken.”

Fundraisers planned for Ryan include a race night at the Hammer and Stithy pub on Dewsbury Road, Ossett; a boxing extravaganza, likely to be held at The Frontier in Batley in June, with local professional fighters Gary Sykes and Tony Aitcheson keen to get involved as judges; and a Question of Sport night with former New Zealand Test ace Robbie Paul at the Sharks’ clubhouse in April.

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