Students' surprise gifts for 79-year-old Hazel

Students' surprise gifts for 79-year-old Hazel
Image: Caddick Construction

A MIRFIELD pensioner took delivery of unexpected Christmas gifts when four secondary school students visited her. 

Hazel Bancroft, who lives in Royd Court, a retirement home close to the town centre, has struck up an unusual relationship with some local youngsters.

Since moving into the area in May last year, the pensioner started to notice four Mirfield Free Grammar pupils walking by her flat daily. 

“They pass on their way to school on a morning and then again on an evening,” she said. 

“I wave at them every day from my window but we don’t know each other personally.”

It came as a surprise then, when the children visited Hazel’s flat with a Christmas gift last week. 

“I was astounded,” she said. “Young people get a bad press these days but it was so kind of them.” 

Erin, Oliver, Ellie and Lucy dropped off two presents for the 79-year-old, who says she won’t be opening them until Christmas Day. 

“I haven’t opened them yet, but one rattles and I did allow myself to open the Christmas card they gave me,” she joked. 

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