Stolen car's reg plate is altered... badly

Stolen car's reg plate is altered... badly

A MAN’S car was stolen by a thief who tried to change the registration plate with a marker pen in a bid to disguise the vehicle’s whereabouts.

Tom Lane’s new Golf was stolen from his Horbury home some time between last Saturday night and Sunday morning – just a few weeks after he bought it.

The 32-year-old posted an appeal on Facebook to try and locate the car. He said a man got in touch with him who had heard the thief “on his estate bragging about stealing the keys to someone’s car”.

Tom said: “I have no idea how anyone got hold of my spare keys. Me and a friend went down there to look around. We turned a corner and I thought I recognised my car, so I pressed my key and sure enough the headlights flashed. It was amazing.”

Tom said the thief made a shoddy attempt to change the letters and numbers on the registration plate by using a marker pen to make the U into an O and the 6 into an 8. The suspect had also eaten a bag of sweets that had been left in the car.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed a man had been arrested following the theft but released without charge.

A spokesman said: “Enquiries have been ongoing into the offence in which a VW Golf was taken from an address in Park Street, Horbury, between 10pm on May 18 and 11.20am on May 19. Officers arrested a man in connection with the offence but he has now been released with no further action taken.”

Anyone with any information can contact the Wakefield City and North West NPT on 101, quoting crime number 13190254296.

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