Staff tell of problems at Dewsbury Hospital

HOSPITAL chiefs vowed action after staff chaos and bullying was revealed in a report.

Anonymous comments from workers were presented to board members at the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust last month.

They were included in a review of an NHS staff survey which showed major problems at the trust, which runs Dewsbury and District Hospital.

Issues raised included bullying, under-staffing, out-of-touch management and claims of putting money before patient care.

Julie Bolus, the trust's interim director of engagement, said: "Some of the issues in the direct comments are unacceptable and we are determined to tackle them."

She added since the survey in November more nurses and health care assistants have been hired.

"In the coming year we need to make sure we listen to our colleagues, act on what they are telling us and do all we can to make sure these results improve in the next survey," she said.

One worker wrote that they had had 13 patient service managers and 10 matron or nursing leads in 11 years.

"Of these 23 individuals, two retired and two left the trust. The other 19 remained within the trust but moved to different posts," the person said.

"I cannot begin to tell you how much this disrupts our service and causes me additional work."

Another wrote: "There are never enough staff around in the department any more.

"Many are at full stretch all the time and there is no slack in the system. If one member of the team is unwell due to stress the pressure on the rest is enormous.

"We are working a one in four on call when we are all in, but very often that is down to one in three because of holidays.

"I have never known staff so fed up and demoralised or feeling so devalued. I am very concerned."

A third worker said: "... we rarely get a break, are understaffed and never

leave on time due to the demands of the job.

"Therefore, we are tired, stressed, overworked, don't look forward to coming and at the end of an awful shift, don't feel like we have cared for our patients."

Despite the comments some of Mid Yorkshire's ratings were up slightly from last year.

Care of patients as a top priority went from 52 to 54 per cent while staff recommendation as a place to work was up to 41 from 38 per cent.

Julie Bolus said: "The results show significant improvements in key areas since 2014.

"These include staff reporting and looking forward to going to work and being enthusiastic about their job."

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