Spirit - Wacky and wonderful!

DESPITE the pouring rain, thousands flocked to Dewsbury town centre on Saturday night to enjoy the annual Spirit celebrations.

German group Theater Titanick brought their Firebirds show to town, and pop-up food and drink shops also appeared for the event.

Crowds watched a Wacky Races-style competition with daredevil pilots in American, Russian, English and French teams racing around the streets in flying contraptions. Fire effects and explosions added to the excitement, although the event was saved from disaster thanks to a local scrapyard.

The Münster-based theatre group use a car engine in one of their vehicles, which had accidentally been left outside before the group left to travel to Dewsbury.

The overnight temperature dropped to minus 12C, which seriously damaged the engine. But Cooper Bridge scrapyard Motor Hog gave the group some free parts and a hectic afternoon of welding and bodging had the motor running in time for the show.

Indian restaurant Aroma opened a pop-up shop in Market Place and was busy all day, while The West Riding pub popped up in Corporation Street with their specially-brewed Firebirds Ale.

Madhouse Cakes also opened Café Spirit in the Kingsway Arcade.

Kirklees chief executive Adrian Lythgo said: “Although the weather was rubbish it was brilliant to see so many people in the town centre enjoying themselves and getting into the Spirit of things.

“The pop-up stands really showed what Dewsbury town centre could be like. Special thanks go to the landlords of the buildings, who provided the space for these businesses to use on the night.”

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