Spilled paint ends up in river

Spilled paint ends up in river

A RIVER through the district was turned white following a huge paint spill on a motorway.

Around 12,000 litres of white paint were spilled on the M606 near Bradford after a road accident on Friday last week.

Water in Spen Beck, pictured here at Dewsbury Country Park near Ravensthorpe, was turned pale white due to some of the paint running into nearby watercourses and onwards into the River Calder.

However, the Environment Agency said that “no significant impacts” had been reported and becks around the motorway were “running clear.”

They added “some of the pollutant is being washed through the system and can be seen in the (River) Calder.”

The crash closed the southbound carriageway for most of Saturday to allow a clean-up operation to be carried out.

The agency said they had taken water samples for laboratory analysis and were assessing watercourses downstream.

Picture: Ash Milnes

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