Skip firm boss escapes jail

A FORMER skip firm boss has escaped jail despite being found guilty of assault.

A group of eight women were waiting outside a pub for a taxi on May 28 when Sam Hunter started hurling abuse at them, hitting one in the face and causing her to fall to the ground.

The 25-year-old, of Boothroyd Lane, Dewsbury, poured a dog bowl full of water over another’s head and called one “a wrinkly old s**g” who looked like “Madge from Benidorm.”

In the row outside the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Slaithwaite, Hunter also knocked a tray of chips from the hands of Alexandra Howarth, saying: “You don’t need any food, you’re fat enough.” He also took another woman’s phone from her hand and stamped on it as she tried to call the police.

Hunter was found guilty by Kirklees magistrates of assault and criminal damage, but was only sentenced to a suspended jail term.

Hunter – boss of the former Hunter’s Skip Hire firm – was already serving a suspended six-month prison sentence from January after illegally dumping waste near  the River Calder in Horbury.

In court, Hunter accused the women of starting the row, claiming that one of them threw a bottle over him because he had got into their taxi by mistake.

One member of the group, Samantha Bullas, said she had asked Hunter to politely leave the taxi but he became aggressive and she feared he was going to kill her.

He then turned on Ms Howarth, who had tried to help her friend.

Hunter was filmed by another member of the group laughing about what had happened, saying to his friend: “If you had not been there I would have smashed the f**k out of them.”

Magistrates also heard  from a 17-year-old who said he saw Hunter hitting Catherine Richardson. 

Ms Richardson said: “I was scared and upset because I didn’t know what he was capable of.”

Hunter hit the headlines last summer after his skip-hire tip in Lockwood caught fire after being abandoned. He could still face prosecution over that.

Magistrates added an extra three months to his 26-week suspended jail term. He has to wear an electronically-monitored tag for 12 weeks and must be at his home during the hours of 8pm and 5.30am.

He was also ordered to pay Ms Richardson £200 in compensation, £175 to Karen Brook for damaging her phone, £400 in court costs and a £85 victim surcharge.

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