A sing-decent proposal!

A sing-decent proposal!

A LOVESTRUCK romeo asked his girlfriend to marry him on stage at a musical in Dewsbury.

Pete Forster, 55, stunned Rita Speight in cahoots with performers from the Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular on February 1.

Just after the interval ‘Frank Sinatra’ and ‘Sammy Davis Jnr’ went out into the town hall audience.

They picked on Pete and Rita – who thought she was being invited on stage to sing a number with them.

But instead Pete, who runs the Cellar Bar near Batley Railway Station, got down on one knee and proposed.

Pete had contacted show organisers beforehand and they agreed to help him sweep care home manager Rita, 50, off her feet.

The couple had already bought an engagement ring but Rita had no idea when Pete would ask her to marry him.

He thought Valentine’s Day (today) or the anniversary of their first date on February 18 2011 would be too predictable.

So he went for a time and place he thought Rita would not be expecting and left her shocked.

Rita, who met Pete through mutual friends, said ‘yes’, though a date for the wedding has not been set yet.

The couple celebrated with the cast afterwards and then went to a Motown bash at the Woodman pub in Batley Carr.

Both have been married before, with Pete having two grown-up children and Rita being a mum of six.

Pete said: “She had absolutely no idea it was a set-up. She thought she was going to be passed a mic and asked to sing ‘My Way’ with them.

“It was worth it because afterwards she told me it was one of the best moments of her life.

“That’s what you’ve got to do in relationships, do the unexpected to keep things fresh and that element of surprise going.”

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