Simon Reevell's Notes From Westminster

THE LAST two weeks have seen Westminster gripped by the phone hacking scandal.
The resignations of the head of the Metropolitan police and his assistant came as a surprise just a few days before Rupert Murdoch and his associates were to be quizzed by a select committee.
But although this was the talk of Westminster I was struck by the fact that noone from the constituency has raised phone hacking and payments to police for information as issues since my last column two weeks ago.
I would be interested to hear any views that readers may have as sometimes what excites the media and MPs in London is of little interest outside the Houses of Parliament.
I was pleased to see that Kirklees now have the keys to Pioneer House. It represents a real opportunity for the local authority to demonstrate that it is serious about regeneration in Dewsbury.
If there is to be a renaissance work on Pioneer House must get underway quickly as a real demonstration of intent. I am meeting the Leader of the Council on Monday and I shall be making this point.
Back in London, this week Louise and I were invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace.
As we waited to watch the Queen walk past one of Her Majesty’s officials came over and said that he liked Louise’s hat and he would like to present her to the Queen. He then asked how we had been invited and I explained that it was because I am an MP.
He then apologised and explained to Louise that as the wife of an MP she couldn’t be presented to the Queen! It’s our 10th wedding anniversary this week but for a moment ... !
Closer to home, last Friday I had a really enjoyable visit to Ravenshall School. Children are brilliant at asking questions and I had to deal with everything from what do MPs do, what’s your favourite car and what’s it like to drive a tank (I drove one when I was in the army).
The children had spent some time thinking what about they wanted to ask and I hope that we are going to do a joint project to repair a footpath to help disabled access. During the summer recess I want to visit as many projects as I can. If you would like me to come and see what your group is doing please contact the office.

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