Simon Reevell's Notes From The Campaign Trail'

At the beginning of the campaign I took my boots to be re-soled and today I’m dropping them off again with the right foot worn through.

No complaint of the work done, just many hours walking in the four weeks since then.

I have enjoyed the campaign not least because of the welcome. It has also been fascinating to watch politics come alive.

The arrival of the SNP as a political force has brought real interest in the question of who should govern.

The issue of fairness with the possibility of Scottish MPs forcing issues in England has been a frequent talking point.

Nigel Farage telling UKIP supporters to think carefully about who to support in Conservative/ Labour marginal seats like ours so that Labour don’t get in by the back door showed real political maturity.

The hustings have also been interesting. I have already written about that really good evening in Savile Town.

Have a look at ‘Made in Leeds’ website for the debate that included all the candidates.

On the website for ‘Dewsbury TV’ you’ll see a different format where I interview the UKIP candidate and he interviews me.

This should have been Labour and me but their candidate withdrew. (I’m more than happy to re-arrange any time before the election. So is Dewsbury TV).

There have been some positive announcements during the campaign.

This week George Osborne announced there will be an Enterprize Zone for Dewsbury if he is Chancellor in a week’s time.

This would be a huge boost. All over the country these zones have a proven record of bringing in business and boosting areas.

They bring concessions on investment and businesses are exempt from business rates for 5 years.

They are designed to encourage enterprise and they work.

The announcement of £21 million of investment for Dewsbury Hospital came just before the campaign started, although from some people’s literature you wouldn’t think so!

We have achieved a lot in the last five years. There is more to do. If you lend me your vote again I will carry on getting the job done.

Very best wishes,


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