Silence is golden after council seizes equipment

THE HEAVY thumping beat of loud dance music could land an anti-social Batley resident in court.

Neighbours on Healey Lane complained about being left unable to sleep due to music played at excessive volume.

Council chiefs hit the alleged culprit with a noise abatement notice in April which was regularly breached.

Now the suspect has had two televisions, a stereo, a radio cassette player, DVDs and CDs confiscated.

Kirklees Council is also seeking court action for a breach of the abatement notice and causing statutory noise nuisance.

This may result in a fine of up to £5,000 and the permanent removal of music equipment already seized.

Action followed incidents which were witnessed by council officials in which music was clearly heard from out on the street.

Magistrates issued a warrant for the equipment seizure due to the continued distress caused to neighbours.

Coun Peter McBride, joint cabinet member for place, said: “This sends a clear message that we will not tolerate noise nuisance in our communities.

“Residents want to live peacefully without having to endure unacceptable noise from an inconsiderate neighbour.

“The seizure of equipment means peace has been restored to Healey Lane, but investigations will continue in relation to the offences committed.”

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