Shoppers mobbed in the market!

Shoppers mobbed in the market!

SHOPPERS in Dewsbury had an unusual surprise last Saturday as more than a dozen dancers converged on the outdoor market for a ‘flashmob’ performance.

Sixteen girls from the Katie Philpott School of Dance, choreographed by Rachel Bowers, came together from all directions to take part in the event as a large crowd gathered to watch, with many taking videos and photos.

One shopper said: “It was brilliant – music came on over the loudspeakers and one girl started dancing, then another girl and another.

“All of a sudden there were 16 that came from nowhere and disappeared into the market as quick as they appeared. I’m so glad I saw it.”

Coun Darren O’Donovan (Lab, Dewsbury West) helped organise the stunt and said: “I had the idea for this last year so I approached Rachel, she loved the idea and has been working with the girls on the choreography and rehearsals for a few months leading up to the flash mob.

“It didn’t change the world but it did give the girls the opportunity to perform.

“It put a smile on shoppers’ faces and definitely created a positive talking point.”

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