Community reacts after radicalised teens head to Syria – Press comment

Community reacts after radicalised teens head to Syria  – Press comment

SO, ‘EVERYONE’ is to blame for two young men from Savile Town fleeing the country of their birth to join murderous jihadists in Syria. 

That, at least, is the truth according to the religious leader who was closest to Hassan Munshi and Talha Asmal.

Farooq Yunus, an imam at the wealthy Zakaria Mosque in Chapel Street, Savile Town, at least admitted that his own institution had failed in its duty of care towards the boys.

But to blame the police, Kirklees Council and what he describes as ‘the community’ for radicalising so-called ordinary schoolboys into becoming foot-soldiers for Islamic State?

That is beyond insulting.

Munshi and Asmal are 17 years old. They are fully aware that their barbaric heroes behead innocent men, women and children in the name of their holy war.

They are old enough to know that, given chance, that same fate would befall every non-Muslim who did not submit to their inhuman demands. And perhaps even then it would.

That includes the thousands of people who are asked to live as peace-loving, respectful neighbours of a community capable of producing individuals who support such unthinkable atrocities. And yet it is our police, our local authority, ‘our’ community that must share the blame?

The Press begs to differ.

Dewsbury people did not ask Hassan’s grandfather, Yaqub Munshi, to open a Sharia Court here.

And while any parent would understandably be distraught at such an event, the answers to how it can possibly happen begin and end on their own doorstep, in their own self-styled Sharia state. That is what they have effectively turned Savile Town into.

That is where the problem lies – and using a discredited individual like Shahid Malik to articulate their veneer of despair does not help convince the wider public that they understand the gravity of the problem we all face.

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