Scrooge' bankers wanted that little bit Xtra

A PENSIONER has accused a Dewsbury bank of playing Scrooge this Christmas after spending a small fortune to reclaim 10p.

Alan Gibson, 70, of Langdale Road, Dewsbury, went into the Halifax in Westgate to pay a credit card bill.

Unbeknown to him, the cashier gave him 10p too much in change and that sparked a debtchasing operation which cost the bank pounds not pennies.

Alan pocketed £1.26 in change instead of £1.16 and shortly after returning home, he received a phone call from his branch.

The bank official wanted to deduct the 10p from Alans account but needed his permission.

An authorisation slip was duly posted first class to Alans home for him to sign and send back.

Alan was left bemused by the banks officialdomgonemad and said: We all know the banks need every penny these days but the Halifax gives Baron Hardup a bad name.

Somebodys been a bit daft here, and its Christmas. I didnt realise at the time they had given me too much change and if they had asked me I would have taken it back the next time I went down.

I cant believe they took the trouble to phone me up and then send the form by first class post.

The phone call would have been at least 10p, then theres someones time and the 39p postage.

Taxpayers have bailed the banks out with billions of pounds and yet the Halifax go to all this trouble for just 10p. It beggars belief.

A Halifax Bank spokesman apologised for the mistake and said branch staff were trying to avoid inconveniencing a customer.

What they were trying to do was stop Mr Gibson from making a return trip to the branch in bad weather, said the spokesman.

And we wouldnt take money from a customers account for something like this without authorising it first.

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