Sara fights back against family disease

Sara fights back against family disease

DEWSBURY woman Sara Wallace is taking on the world’s biggest half marathon to raise funds for research into heart disease, which has devastated her own family.

Sara, 21 (left), will be running the Great North Run on Sunday, September 11, to help Yorkshire-based Heart Research UK.

Sara’s grandmother, Dorothy Wallace, died aged just 62. She had angina and suffered a fatal heart attack in 1999.

Dorothy’s siblings also died in their 40s from the same condition.

Her husband and Sara’s grandfather, Kenneth Wallace, was 80 when he died from coronary heart failure.

He had a quadruple bypass 10 years earlier and a pacemaker fitted six months before he died in 2013.

Sara’s father, Ian Wallace, 49, also has angina. He was just 39 when he began treatment and had heart surgery for the condition in 2006.

He also takes medication to stabilise his angina.

Sara said: “Knowing how severe these heart conditions are really scares me - especially knowing my dad has suffered from such a young age and now lives on medication.

“I worry that even though he is doing very well now, one day his condition will worsen.”

Sara is keen to raise awareness of heart disease so that people will lead healthier lifestyles.

She is a keen runner and has participated in other half marathons, including the one in Leeds.

She will be cheered on by her family on the day, including her twin sister, as she runs alongside 55,000 others.

To support Sara, visit http://tinyurl. com/zu27yer.

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